Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Subject: Employer-to-be misrepresenting status of contracted employee
Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your notice the plight of more than thirty young professionals who have suffered a setback due to callous attitude of Dubai based Indicaa Global Limited run and owned by people of Indian origin.
Mine is a representative case (details attached).
What is disturbing in this case is that our employer-to-be Indicaa Global Ltd. now seems to be wriggling of its liabilities in regard to expenses incurred, salary losses and compensation for the period of unemployment we are likely to suffer. (Attached copy of e-mail of Mr. Javed Khan dated 20th October 2008). I signed a job contract with the company (copy attached) which makes it obligatory on them to compensate me for the financial losses as well as mental and emotional suffering, this fiasco has caused us.
I appeal to you help us in our fight for justice. Indicaa Global Ltd. must not be allowed to wriggle out of its liability to people who had confidence in it and acted in good faith only to suffer.